Cougar Town: Season 1 – Why You Should Love It



This is without a doubt my newest favorite show. It reminds me of Friends. And I love Friends – it’s one of those shows that I can reference in nearly any situation, and that always makes me giggle. I’m now watching Cougar Town Season 1 for the third time, and it’s just like that. It’s a feel-good kind of show.

So, what’s it about? The title is misleading. Yes, the first 1/3 of the show or so is about how Jules Cobb is dealing with being newly single in her 40’s. When the show starts, she just recently got divorced from her husband Bobby. Her one son, Travis is about 18 and getting ready to go off to college and start his own life. So now Jules is ready to start over, and the show starts off with her trying to find her way as a single 40-year old mom. She goes through a couple flings with hot younger guys, but by the end of the first season the show becomes a lot more than that.

My favorite thing about this show is the characters. Here’s a breakdown of the major characters:

Jules Cobb = Played by Courtney Cox, she’s essentially the main character. She started her own real estate business and is pretty successful. She’s 40, drinks a lot of wine, and is a little crazy. She’s my least favorite character. Sometimes Jules seems a little too like Monica from Friends in personality. (I wish Cox could distance herself a bit from her former character.)

 Ellie Torres = Played by Christa Miller (also played Jordan on Scrubs. I LOVE her!), is Jules’ best friend and next-door neighbor. She’s married to Andy Torres, and they have a infant son named Stan. Ellie doesn’t work, is mean and snarky, and also loves wine. She also hates that Jules is trying to get out and be young again, and she hates Jules other BFF Laurie. Ellie’s probably my favorite character. I love snark.

Laurie Keller = Played by Busy Philipps, Laurie is Jules’ other best friend. She’s in her 20’s and works as Jules’ assistant at her real estate office. She’s fun, loud, and kind of skanky but she’s also really sweet and hilarious. She pushes Jules to get back out into the world. She ties Ellie for my favorite character, I just love them both. Plus, you can follow Laurie on Twitter as TheLarmy. Laurie tweets for 24 hours after each show. It’s great.

Andy Torres = Played by Ian Gomez, he is Ellie’s husband. He has a good job that supports his family, and he’s totally submissive to Ellie but it doesn’t come off as too weird. He’s a little too comfortable with his sexuality, and he has a total bromance going on with Bobby.

Bobby Cobb = Played by Brian Van Holt, he’s Jules’ redneck ex-husband. He’s VERY white trash but also really happy-go-lucky and funny. He’s really good at golfing and attempts to be a pro. Him and Jules have a good relationship, even though he spent most of their marriage cheating on her. I don’t really understand that, but whatever. It works.

Greyson Ellis = Played by Josh Hopkins, he lives across the street from Jules. He’s recently divorced, and constantly bringing younger girls home with him. It infuriates Jules cause they’re about the same age, and it bothers her that it’s easier for 40-year old men to be single. He’s very snarky and kind of closed off, but is slowly drawn into Jules’ little circle of friends. He plays guitar and makes up silly songs.

Travis Cobb = Played by Dan Byrd, he is Jules & Bobby’s 18-year old son. He’s kind of sarcastic and smart and nerdy. He’s pretty funny, but I wouldn’t consider him one of the big-time members of the show except that he causes a lot of drama for Jules.

 So that’s the main crew. I recently had The Honeyman watch the whole season with me, and he admits that he liked it. It seems like a totally girly show! But there are a TON of laugh-out-loud moments. The show comes out Wednesday nights at 9:30 (Eastern time) and I love getting a big glass of wine (or an amaretto sour if I’m out of wine) and curling up on the couch to watch this show. I look forward to it every week.

 I mentioned before that the title isn’t really suitable anymore. She creators of the show, namely Bill Lawrence, almost changed the title of the show because it wasn’t really what the plot was about anymore. However, the title stayed because they couldn’t think of a better one. And probably because they didn’t want to risk losing any fans who already watched the show and might have been confused by a name-change.

Present from my honeyman for my birthday. Cause he loves me 🙂 Also an amaretto sour, cause they’re delicious.

Instead, in the 2nd season they kind of started making fun of the title. In the opening sequence, instead of “Welcome to” being written above the title Cougar Town, they started putting other things there like “Badly Titled” Cougar Town or “It’s Okay to Watch a Show Called” Cougar Town. Cracks me up every week.

Anyways, this show is just great. The cast is really fun. They of course live the typical well-off lifestyle in sunny Florida, but they’re still relatable. They makes jokes, pull pranks, and generally screw around but you can also feel the love between the characters.
If possible, I may do a follow up to this post later. I’m going to try to get my wonderful Honeyman to write something about it, so I can give ya’ll a man’s perspective. We’ll see.
In the meantime, go rent this. Get it from Netflix, or Blockbuster, or whatever. Hell, just go buy it. I really don’t think that you’ll regret it.

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  1. I love this show!

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