Wednesday Seven: Cancelled TV Shows I Miss

Alrighty, I’m doing this pretty late in the day. Tonight is the season two finale of Cougar Town, and I am SOOOO HAPPY that there is going to be a third season. I’m terrified that it will get cancelled because I like it so much. That got me thinking about tv shows that I liked that were cancelled, hence today’s topic: Cancelled TV Shows I Miss.

1. Eureeka’s Castle: Starting it off old-school. I remember LOVING this show as a kid. I wish it was on DVD now, because I would totally own it. In hindsight, this might be part of where my love of fantasy comes from – it has a castle, a sorceress, talking bat, a tinker, a dragon, etc. Way better than the crap these poor kids today have to watch.

2. Better Off Ted: Unfortunately, I discovered this show just when it was being cancelled. Dammit. It was hilarious. Basically it revolved around Ted, an upper-management man working at Veridian Dynamics – a pretty scary, immoral company. Ted’s boss, Veronica, is really vicious and witty and strong. The show was sarcastic, witty, and just great. I want to own both seasons on DVD. Both seasons are available on Instant Play on Netflix, so you should really try it out.

3. Cavemen: I was PSYCHED when I heard the cavemen from those awesome commercials were gonna have their own show. And I thought it was a pretty funny show. Basically three cavemen are roommates in San Diego, and in this show cavemen are pretty much another minority group. Cavemen were never fully replaced by modern humans, and are trying to deal with living in modern society without being discriminated against. There were a couple times I just laughed my butt off. Unfortunately it got cancelled in the middle of the first season, partly because of the stupid writers’ strike that was going on around then. Something like 7 of the episodes never even got a chance to air, and there’s no mention of them all being released on DVD. I’m really hoping that changes.

4. Samurai Champloo: I think this is the first anime show that my honeyman really got me into. It’s only one season long really, though I don’t think it was cancelled… it just kind of ended. Either way, I wish it had gone on longer. It took place in Japan during the Edo era, but referenced a lot of modern-day things.  Basically Mugen & Jin are awesome swordsmen hell-bent on trying to kill each other, but are forced to wait and try to help Fuu instead, a young girl who saved their lives and asks them to go on a quest with her in return. Fuu was annoying, but Mugen & Jin are kick-ass. We even named our little African dwarf frogs after them 🙂

5. Pushing Daisies: Another show that I found out about too late. Why does that always happen to me? Basically Pushing Daisies was about Ned, a man with the surprising ability to touch dead things / people and bring them back to life, with some conditions. Life gets a little more interesting for Ned when he brings his childhood crush back to life. He also helps a P.I., Emerson Cod, solve murder mysteries. I loved how whimsical this show was. The set designs, character outfits, and storylines were just so great and fantastical. It was quirky, and the dialogue was really fun and witty and fast-paced. I’m not quite sure why this was cancelled, but the way the second season ends is just a little painful. The show and the storylines were cut way too short.

6. Firefly: Yes, I’ve mentioned Firefly before. What hurts here is that the show was OBVIOUSLY popular – the fan love even led to a follow-up movie, just to tie up a couple loose ends. And it won an Emmy. But the douches at Fox cancelled it, claiming it was because Captain Mal was too dark and unsympathetic of a character. Bullcrap, Mal was great! I’m guessing Fox cancelled it because the show is about a group of people trying to stay off of the Alliance’s (AKA the government’s) radar, because the Alliance is kind of evil and does bad shit. Basically, this show was doomed from the beginning – Fox aired the episodes out of the intended order, promoted it as a comedy/action even though it’s sci-fi/action, and then left three episodes completely unaired when they cancelled it. Seriously, bunch of assholes. Even with the movie wrap-up, so much goes unanswered and it really sucks.


7. Friends & Charmed: I’m looping these together because they’re pretty obvious. They were both really great shows though. I can admit that Friends was definitely at the end of it’s time. I just miss it because I loved the characters so much. I was hoping that Charmed would go on for another couple years. Sadly though, around the 6th or 7th season the makers of Charmed started spending most of their budget on getting famous actors to make guest appearances on the show, instead of spending that money on more story, or even to keep up on the special effects. So I guess it’s best that it ended with 8 seasons, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. Charmed was awesomeness. I miss Piper.

Soooo, that’s my list. Pretty please, leave some comments and share what TV shows you miss!



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