Jason Mraz’s “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” & why CD’s are still cool

Yup, another music post. But this one’s a review of a specific CD. Mainly because this is the first CD by Jason Mraz I’ve ever listened to, but I definitely want to check out his other ones now. (BTW, isn’t the cover art terrible? It’s better on the inside, but that head on the front is creepy.)

So, about a year ago I heard this song on the radio. It was sunshine-y, and happy, and kind of hippie-ish but I liked it. After some internet searching, I found out it was “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. I liked it so much that I went out and bought the CD, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. I’m the type that is difficult to introduce to new things. I never actually feel in the mood to watch a new movie, and I rarely sit and listen to a whole new album if I’m not already familiar with it. But I popped this into my CD player several times while I cooked or cleaned, and the more I listened to it the more I realized how awesome it is. It’s hard for me to pick exactly what kind of music Mraz is… I’ve seen his music described as acoustic, pop rock, soulful, folksy, alternative, jazzy, etc.

This is a really great CD. It’s fun to sing along to, and there are some fun songs that you can dance around to. Most of the songs are really happy, funky, and feel-good. There are some other songs that are kind of deep and soulful and a little bit serious. But I enjoy them all, and they kind of show how talented Mraz is. Yes, he has a pretty good voice (though I don’t think American Idol would like it). He’s also a pretty killer song writer. I know, he actually writes his own songs!!! Basically, Mraz is a breath of fresh air. He writes lyrics, his voice on his CD is actually his and not auto-tuned, and you can hear REAL instruments in the background. Craziness! The songs in the beginning are really happy and fun, and then by the last few songs it’s relaxed and peaceful and mellow.

Also, I have SO much respect for people who can write awesome happy songs / poems. I used to write poems when I was an angsty, dramatic teenager. But I’ve discovered that I am much less able to write when I’m content and happy. Apparently I can only express myself articulately when I’m feeling some sort of tragic drama. So that Mraz wrote songs like “I’m Yours”  and “Lucky” really impresses me. AND gives me something really positive and happy to sing REALLY loud when I’m driving.

I also have to point out that this CD reminds me of why I like purchasing real CDs still. Everybody freaking downloads these days, and I know very few people download whole albums when they only know one or two of the songs. I bought the CD at Best Buy for like $10, and by letting it play in the background as I do chores I realized how much I liked it. I could have just downloaded “I’m Yours” on Amazon, but look at how much I would have missed out on! Not to mention the other pro-CD / anti-download points, such as I own the actual tangible object, I get to see the cover art inside, and I don’t have to worry about a computer or Amazon crash getting rid of the music I spent money on. So yeah. Buy CD’s!

Other awesomesauce songs on this CD:

Butterfly, Only Human, Make It Mine, Lucky, If It Kills Me

Next CD I buy is going to be Jason Mraz’s previous CD – MR. A-Z. Hahaha, get it?

Sarah Says: 5 stars and go buy it


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Sarah is 29 and lives with her amazing husband and their awesome cat.

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  1. Love Jason. My best friend is obsessed with him, so we’ve seen him in concert three times.

    I still buy CDs too. Old school.

  2. I love this cd too! I bought this physical cd after hearing I’m yours on the radio when I was visiting friends around Christmas (2 years ago, maybe 3.) It’s now on my ipod and the play count for it is insanely high. It’s cute and upbeat and some of the songs are serious and sexy. I love it. Have you listened to his debut album? Waiting For My Rocket To Come? It’s my second favorite. Curbside Prophet is a great track off it.
    Sorry for the long comment. 🙂

    • Sarah Says Read

      Never apologize for a long comment! Hell I’m happy to be getting them 🙂

      No, sadly this is the only CD of his I’ve listened to. I really want to check out both of his previous ones though.

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