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Jason Mraz’s “We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things.” & why CD’s are still cool

Yup, another music post. But this one’s a review of a specific CD. Mainly because this is the first CD by Jason Mraz I’ve ever listened to, but I definitely want to check out his other ones now. (BTW, isn’t the cover art terrible? It’s better on the inside, but that head on the front is creepy.)

So, about a year ago I heard this song on the radio. It was sunshine-y, and happy, and kind of hippie-ish but I liked it. After some internet searching, I found out it was “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz. I liked it so much that I went out and bought the CD, We Sing. We Dance. We Steal Things. I’m the type that is difficult to introduce to new things. I never actually feel in the mood to watch a new movie, and I rarely sit and listen to a whole new album if I’m not already familiar with it. But I popped this into my CD player several times while I cooked or cleaned, and the more I listened to it the more I realized how awesome it is. It’s hard for me to pick exactly what kind of music Mraz is… I’ve seen his music described as acoustic, pop rock, soulful, folksy, alternative, jazzy, etc.

This is a really great CD. It’s fun to sing along to, and there are some fun songs that you can dance around to. Most of the songs are really happy, funky, and feel-good. There are some other songs that are kind of deep and soulful and a little bit serious. But I enjoy them all, and they kind of show how talented Mraz is. Yes, he has a pretty good voice (though I don’t think American Idol would like it). He’s also a pretty killer song writer. I know, he actually writes his own songs!!! Basically, Mraz is a breath of fresh air. He writes lyrics, his voice on his CD is actually his and not auto-tuned, and you can hear REAL instruments in the background. Craziness! The songs in the beginning are really happy and fun, and then by the last few songs it’s relaxed and peaceful and mellow.

Also, I have SO much respect for people who can write awesome happy songs / poems. I used to write poems when I was an angsty, dramatic teenager. But I’ve discovered that I am much less able to write when I’m content and happy. Apparently I can only express myself articulately when I’m feeling some sort of tragic drama. So that Mraz wrote songs like “I’m Yours”  and “Lucky” really impresses me. AND gives me something really positive and happy to sing REALLY loud when I’m driving.

I also have to point out that this CD reminds me of why I like purchasing real CDs still. Everybody freaking downloads these days, and I know very few people download whole albums when they only know one or two of the songs. I bought the CD at Best Buy for like $10, and by letting it play in the background as I do chores I realized how much I liked it. I could have just downloaded “I’m Yours” on Amazon, but look at how much I would have missed out on! Not to mention the other pro-CD / anti-download points, such as I own the actual tangible object, I get to see the cover art inside, and I don’t have to worry about a computer or Amazon crash getting rid of the music I spent money on. So yeah. Buy CD’s!

Other awesomesauce songs on this CD:

Butterfly, Only Human, Make It Mine, Lucky, If It Kills Me

Next CD I buy is going to be Jason Mraz’s previous CD – MR. A-Z. Hahaha, get it?

Sarah Says: 5 stars and go buy it


Wednesday Seven: Cancelled TV Shows I Miss

Alrighty, I’m doing this pretty late in the day. Tonight is the season two finale of Cougar Town, and I am SOOOO HAPPY that there is going to be a third season. I’m terrified that it will get cancelled because I like it so much. That got me thinking about tv shows that I liked that were cancelled, hence today’s topic: Cancelled TV Shows I Miss.

1. Eureeka’s Castle: Starting it off old-school. I remember LOVING this show as a kid. I wish it was on DVD now, because I would totally own it. In hindsight, this might be part of where my love of fantasy comes from – it has a castle, a sorceress, talking bat, a tinker, a dragon, etc. Way better than the crap these poor kids today have to watch.

2. Better Off Ted: Unfortunately, I discovered this show just when it was being cancelled. Dammit. It was hilarious. Basically it revolved around Ted, an upper-management man working at Veridian Dynamics – a pretty scary, immoral company. Ted’s boss, Veronica, is really vicious and witty and strong. The show was sarcastic, witty, and just great. I want to own both seasons on DVD. Both seasons are available on Instant Play on Netflix, so you should really try it out.

3. Cavemen: I was PSYCHED when I heard the cavemen from those awesome commercials were gonna have their own show. And I thought it was a pretty funny show. Basically three cavemen are roommates in San Diego, and in this show cavemen are pretty much another minority group. Cavemen were never fully replaced by modern humans, and are trying to deal with living in modern society without being discriminated against. There were a couple times I just laughed my butt off. Unfortunately it got cancelled in the middle of the first season, partly because of the stupid writers’ strike that was going on around then. Something like 7 of the episodes never even got a chance to air, and there’s no mention of them all being released on DVD. I’m really hoping that changes.

4. Samurai Champloo: I think this is the first anime show that my honeyman really got me into. It’s only one season long really, though I don’t think it was cancelled… it just kind of ended. Either way, I wish it had gone on longer. It took place in Japan during the Edo era, but referenced a lot of modern-day things.  Basically Mugen & Jin are awesome swordsmen hell-bent on trying to kill each other, but are forced to wait and try to help Fuu instead, a young girl who saved their lives and asks them to go on a quest with her in return. Fuu was annoying, but Mugen & Jin are kick-ass. We even named our little African dwarf frogs after them 🙂

5. Pushing Daisies: Another show that I found out about too late. Why does that always happen to me? Basically Pushing Daisies was about Ned, a man with the surprising ability to touch dead things / people and bring them back to life, with some conditions. Life gets a little more interesting for Ned when he brings his childhood crush back to life. He also helps a P.I., Emerson Cod, solve murder mysteries. I loved how whimsical this show was. The set designs, character outfits, and storylines were just so great and fantastical. It was quirky, and the dialogue was really fun and witty and fast-paced. I’m not quite sure why this was cancelled, but the way the second season ends is just a little painful. The show and the storylines were cut way too short.

6. Firefly: Yes, I’ve mentioned Firefly before. What hurts here is that the show was OBVIOUSLY popular – the fan love even led to a follow-up movie, just to tie up a couple loose ends. And it won an Emmy. But the douches at Fox cancelled it, claiming it was because Captain Mal was too dark and unsympathetic of a character. Bullcrap, Mal was great! I’m guessing Fox cancelled it because the show is about a group of people trying to stay off of the Alliance’s (AKA the government’s) radar, because the Alliance is kind of evil and does bad shit. Basically, this show was doomed from the beginning – Fox aired the episodes out of the intended order, promoted it as a comedy/action even though it’s sci-fi/action, and then left three episodes completely unaired when they cancelled it. Seriously, bunch of assholes. Even with the movie wrap-up, so much goes unanswered and it really sucks.


7. Friends & Charmed: I’m looping these together because they’re pretty obvious. They were both really great shows though. I can admit that Friends was definitely at the end of it’s time. I just miss it because I loved the characters so much. I was hoping that Charmed would go on for another couple years. Sadly though, around the 6th or 7th season the makers of Charmed started spending most of their budget on getting famous actors to make guest appearances on the show, instead of spending that money on more story, or even to keep up on the special effects. So I guess it’s best that it ended with 8 seasons, but it doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. Charmed was awesomeness. I miss Piper.

Soooo, that’s my list. Pretty please, leave some comments and share what TV shows you miss!


Glee, season 1 – it’s worth watching

So, I just watched season one of Glee for the second time. (I haven’t seen any of season two yet, I’m waiting for the DVDs.) And yes, while I won’t say that I’m a “Gleek”, I like it.

I bought Glee shortly after Christmas cause it was only $15 at Target and I knew a lot of people liked it. So what the hell. For those of you unfamiliar with Glee, it’s about a high school glee club whose very existence is constantly threatened.

I suppose it’s a lot more than that. Will Schuester is the Spanish teacher, and he takes over glee club because he used to love performing when he was younger. He wants to make glee club great again. He makes an immediate enemy in the form of Sue Sylvester, the coach of the national cheerleading champions; the Cheerios (LOVE that name). She’s pissed all the time, but mainly at glee club for cutting into her cheerleading budget. Sue sets out to destroy glee club, and the principal tells Will that if he can put together a glee club that takes home the regional championship, then glee club is there to stay.

The glee club is made up of a bunch of misfits, trying to fit in. Unfortunately, being in glee club only makes them less popular, but they find that they love to sing and dance, and that they are friends. Before I get into more than that, let’s meet the cast:

Finn, Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, Sue & Will, Artie, Tina, Kurt, and Rachel.

Will is the glee club director, Spanish teacher, and married to a crazy woman named Terri.

Sue is the Cheerios coach, who will stop at nothing to win. She’s kind of insane.

Emma is the germaphobic high school guidance counselor. She dresses kind of fun and prim, and she’s in love with Will. They’re very flirty.

Rachel is the annoying girl who dreams of being a star. She’s the obvious female lead and acts like it. She has two gay dads, and she’s Jewish.

Finn is the first jock to join the group, and the male lead. He’s the quarterback of the football team, and dates the head cheerleader, Quinn.

Quinn is the Cheerios head cheerleader who only joins glee club as Sue’s spy, and to spend more time with her boyfriend, Finn.

Puck is Finn’s best friend, a fellow football player, and known as the school badass. Mainly because he has a mohawk. He’s also the only other Jewish person in glee club.

Mercedes is the only black person in glee club. She’s also the only fat one (which sounds really harsh, but… sorry). She’s really strong and sassy and has a great voice.

Kurt is the only gay member of glee club. He likes fancy clothes, and easily sides with the female glee members. He’s also secretly in love with one of the football players.

Tina is a goth Asian girl, who is intensely shy. Glee helps her come out of her shell a bit.

Artie is the only glee member in a wheelchair. He has a cool, funky voice.

Mike is another football player, the only other Asian of the group, and loves to dance. Other than that, not really known for his singing.

Santana is the only Latina glee member, and a particularly skanky Cheerio. She’s mean, and she joins glee with Quinn to help spy.

Brittney is a very ditzy Cheerio, and joined with Quinn and Santana. Her dumbness is really funny, she’s openly skanky, and she’s a good dancer.

There’s also one other guy in the group, but for the life of me I have no idea what his name is, and I can’t even find it online. I think he maybe has two whole lines in all of season one. He looks likes he’s bi-racial, he’s a football player, and he joined the glee club with Mike. I feel really bad for this kid, since he’s really just a body so that glee club has 12 members.

So, why do I like Glee? Well, for a bunch of reasons. It’s really not about the music for me. In a roughly 45-minute show, there are usually 3 to 5 songs done and I just fast forward through at least half of them. Some really fun songs are performed, like “Gold Digger” by Kanye West, “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, or “Smile” by Lily Allen. But there are a whole bunch of songs that are okay, but get boring to watch. I’m not a huge fan of ballads. I know the music is supposed to be why the show is so uber-popular, but it’s only a tiny part of it for me. Also, I know that Rachel is supposed to have the best female voice, but I’m not her biggest fan. I actually like Quinn’s voice better.

I like Glee because I like most of the storylines in it. And I like most of the characters. I love the flirtation between Will and Emma  – even though she’s not a huge main character, I don’t know if I would watch the show if Emma wasn’t on it. The drama between Will and his wife Terri is infuriating, but fun. There are a couple relationships among the students that I kind of root for. I guess I like the storylines revolving around each character. I cannot think of an issue that this season alone doesn’t tackle. It touches on teen pregnancy, being gay, being in a wheelchair, mental illnesses, weight issues, speech impediments, relationships, lying, cheating, discrimination, parents, weed, confidence issues… I can only imagine what’s going to come up in season two.

Anyways, it’s a good show. I think it’s worth watching. The characters’ outfits and the various songs make it feel a little whimsical. Sometimes I think that the high school drama is a little overdone. I don’t think the nerds really get thrown in dumpsters by the jocks anymore. And I don’t remember anyone having an overwhelming desire to be  SO popular when I was in high school. That all actually sounds more middle school to me. But I do think that the show captures teenage feelings pretty well – the drama and indecision among high school friends and romances, and dealing with trying to fit in while still being you. And there are odd moments here and there that have me laughing. I guess if a show can make you laugh and cry all in one season, it’s doing pretty good.

I have very high hopes for season two. I can’t wait to watch it – sadly there’s no release date yet for the DVD set. And I could probably find it on hulu or something to watch, but I like watching it at work when it’s slow, so I’ll wait.

So, give Glee a chance. It’s worth it.


Wednesday Seven: Favorite Movies


Yay! Time for my Wednesday Seven list! I’ve been looking forward to this for a while. It makes me really want to go re-watch all of these movies right now. This week’s topic is Favorite Movies.

1. The 40-Year Old Virgin: Yup. I this it’s hilarious. Probably Steve Carell’s finest work.

2. 300: Okay, I know that now this is one of those movies that everyone kind of makes fun of. But I love the bad-assness of it all. PLUS, it’s the first movie me and the honeyman ever saw together, before we started dating. So it will always be a little special 🙂

3. Beauty and the Beast: This is my ALL-TIME FAVORITE Disney movie! I love Disney movies, but this one takes the cake – bookish heroine, magical castle, talking objects, egomaniac jerk, tortured beast, love, and an awesome soundtrack.

4. Love Actually: The best romantic comedy ever. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this movie. Except for my older sister Heather, because for some crazy reason she hasn’t watched it yet.

5. Pride & Prejudice: The GOOD version. This long version kicks the Keira Knightley-version’s skinny ass.

6. Sweeney Todd: LOVE this! The honeyman and I went to see this with my family – and none of us knew it was going to be a musical. We just thought it was a horror movie. Surprise! Me and the bf are the only ones who ended up loving it – and I have the soundtrack saved on my PSP. I like to listen to it when it’s rainy out.

7. Transformers: I looooove the Transformers movie! There’s something about seeing giant metal robot aliens fight and crash into buildings that I find extremely satisfying.

Honorable mentions: Hitch, Boondock Saints, all the Harry Potter movies (except the third), Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Wuthering Heights, and probably a ton more.

Leave me a comment and tell me what your favorite seven movies are!!!


Music Spotlight on… Common

Honestly, I intended this blog to be more about tv shows and movies, with a side of music. But today I a) haven’t watched anything new lately, because of work and b) want to post and c) I promised in my last post that I would show off some of my favorite Common stuff, so that people know what he’s REALLY like.

Now, let’s start off with a little background info: Common’s real name is Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. His stage name was originally Common Sense, but when some rock band took him to court cause they said they had that name first, he dropped “Sense” and therefore became Common. He’s been around since the early 90’s, but I only started listening to him about 4 years ago. Me and my boyfriend had just started dating, and while we have really similar tastes in a lot of rap, he was surprised I hadn’t really heard of Common before. And I liked.

Common is often referred to as a hip-hop artist. Here’s the thing about rap and hip-hop: Hip-hop is rap, but rap isn’t always hip-hop. Yes, there’s a difference. Kind of subtle differences, but I’ll try to explain best I can. Hip-hop isn’t often heard on the radio, because it’s not really club / dance music. Hip-hop usually has a more serious message – it often comments on social and political situations, while rap is more of the sexy / hard life / “gangsta” kind of stuff on the radio. Hip-hop’s music is a little different – it’s more melody, while rap is more of a consistent beat.

Like I said, it’s hard to explain. Let’s try this…

Hip-hop rappers: Common, Mos Def,Talib Kweli

NOT hip-hop rappers: Jay-Z, Lil Wayne, Juvenile, DMX, Eminem

Rappers that kind of fit into both categories: Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West

The rappers that I put in the grey area there have hip-hop messages – social, political, religious, economic, etc commentary, but their style of rapping and music in their songs sounds more rap than hip-hop, at least to me. I almost put Eminem in the mixed category, because his music definitely has a lot of serious issues – but they’re usually only about his personal life, not so much about social commentary- so into rap he went. This is all just how I see the differences anyways. I’m sure a lot of these points could be debatable. But anyways.

Now I’m not saying that Common is all serious-message all the time. But if you’re familiar at all with rap music, you know that Common is well-known for being a socially conscious, intelligent hip-hop artist. (He is NOT, despite what Sarah Palin tells you, well-known for being a “gangster” or “thug”.) And in fact, before Fox News started slamming him this past week, they actually called him a hip-hop legend.

SO, here’s some of my favorite Common songs!

This is Come Close, featuring Mary J. Blige. For those of you that like indie-type stuff, even you might really like this song. I wanna play it at my wedding reception.

This song is Misunderstood. It’s not an actual music video, it’s just the song with his album cover. But it’s an awesome song, and no music video means it’ll load faster for you.

This is Universal Mind Control, featuring Pharell. This is one of Common’s more fun, bragging type of songs. My little 6 year old nephew actually loved this song, he calls it “the robot song”. LOL.

And lastly, this is Drivin’ Me Wild featuring Lily Allen. I love that Common has a song with Lily Allen. Awesome combo.

So there you have it. I don’t expect this post to get a lot of love or comments. I’ve noticed that rap is sorely underappreciated in the blogging community. But maybe you’ll like a song or two that I listed. Hopefully :o)

For real though, no matter what you think, leave me a comment! Bummed that even though my blog traffic has been high, I’ve only gotten one comment. So you know… say somethin. Please?


Wednesday Seven: Favorite TV Shows


Hey all. Okay, so I wanted to go some sort of weekly meme-type thing on here. Cause they’re fun. Since I’m just starting this blog and I have no idea how many people are even paying attention (mainly because I can’t figure out how to get WordPress to tell me how many subscribers I have), I’m not going to put a linky widget here or anything. But please feel free to leave me lots of comments with your opinions and answers, kay?

So Wednesday Sevens is essentially going to be a weekly list per a topic I think up. Because I like lists. And I don’t do any other Wednesday memes. And because 7 is kind of a random number but I like it.

This week, since it’s the first week, I’m starting off kind of basic. Can you name Seven Favorite TV Shows?

1. Dexter: Dexter is BAD ASS. It’s on Showtime, so unfortunately I have to wait until each season comes out on DVD to watch it. But Dexter revolves around – you guessed it – Dexter. He’s a blood splatter analyst for the Miami PD, but he’s also a serial killer who only kills bad people. Honestly, the show isn’t TOO gruesome. And there’s a little bit of nudity and such. I really think that the only reason this show is on Showtime is because the subject matter is touchy for some people. A serial killer who you’re supposed to cheer for? For shame! Love this show though.

2. Charmed: Yeah, I know it’s over. But it’s one of those shows that I can watch over and over again. As most of you probably know, it follows the lives of three sister witches (well, technically 4 sisters) who fight evil. Eight season long and it’s just great. I actually think that I’ll start re-watching this show again soon, cause I haven’t in about two years. And since I usually have a lot of time to kill at work, should take me a month or two to get through the whole thing. (Oh and BTW, my favorite sister is Piper. Which I why I searched for a picture that put her in the front.)

3. Firefly: Again, this show is over. Unfortunately, it only lasted one season before stupid Fox cancelled it. I didn’t watch it when it was on, mainly because I didn’t know about it. But now that I have watched it, and see the follow-up movie Serenity, I’m pissed that it didn’t last longer. In Firefly, humanity is scattered throughout space on a number of different terra-formed planets because we ruined Earth. The main cultures to survive this are apparently Southern / western-day like cultures, and the Chinese. Weird mix, I know. But seriously, this show is every man’s dream. How many men dreamt about being a space cowboy? Well ta-da! Captain Malcolm Reynolds and his crew live on the ship Serenity, taking odd jobs here and there to stay flying and to stay away from the government AKA The Alliance. Awesome stuff, I promise. Rent it from Netflix sometime, it’s great.

4. Cougar Town: As you guessed from my last post, I love Cougar Town! It’s about a group of friends, including Jules Cobb AKA Courtney Cox, living in Florida. GREAT sitcom, especially if you love comedy. Which I do. I’m very happy that it’s on tonight. I have amaretto sour makings in the cabinet waiting 🙂

5. Friends: Again, I know the show is over. But I love rewatching it. It’s just so familiar. When I go over to my older sister’s to hang out, a lot of times we end up having a drink and watching Friends while eating dessert. It’s the best. And it’s like The Simpsons – it’s just so quotable. I love that.

6. True Blood: Like Dexter, I usually have to wait for the DVD release to be able to watch it. But I love it nonetheless. It’s almost kind of soap-opera-ish cause there’s so much drama and stuff going on, but the characters are awesome and I love the paranormal aspects of it. Plus, I like vampires. (BEFORE the Twilight fad, mind you.) For peeps who somehow don’t really know what the show is about – mind-reader Sookie Stackhouse falls in love with a vampire and all sort of stuff happens in her little Louisiana town as a result. In this world, vampires are a well-known fact. Vamps come “out of the coffin” when synthetic blood is perfected.

7. The Office: The last but not least. This is another hysterical comedy. I have very fond memories of when I decided to try out the first season. The honeyman and I used to curl up on my mom’s couch and watch it for hours, laughing our asses off and drinking root beer floats. Now, every time I have a root beer float I feel like watching The Office. Weird how that happens. Basically an office of people deal with their super weird and sometimes annoying boss, Michael Scott AKA Steve Carell. I heard that season 7 is going to be Carell’s last though… really don’t know how much I’ll like the show after that.

Now I’m a little bummed that I decided to make this weekly thing a “seven” thing, cause I could name more. These shows get an honorable mention: Scrubs, Pushing Daisies, Lost, and House. You may have noticed that a lot of the shows I’ve mentioned aren’t on tv anymore, or are finished. I really need to find some newer shows to watch.

SO, that’s it! What are 7 of your favorite shows? Please leave me some comment love and share. Next week’s topic will be Favorite Movies. See you then!


Cougar Town: Season 1 – Why You Should Love It



This is without a doubt my newest favorite show. It reminds me of Friends. And I love Friends – it’s one of those shows that I can reference in nearly any situation, and that always makes me giggle. I’m now watching Cougar Town Season 1 for the third time, and it’s just like that. It’s a feel-good kind of show.

So, what’s it about? The title is misleading. Yes, the first 1/3 of the show or so is about how Jules Cobb is dealing with being newly single in her 40’s. When the show starts, she just recently got divorced from her husband Bobby. Her one son, Travis is about 18 and getting ready to go off to college and start his own life. So now Jules is ready to start over, and the show starts off with her trying to find her way as a single 40-year old mom. She goes through a couple flings with hot younger guys, but by the end of the first season the show becomes a lot more than that.

My favorite thing about this show is the characters. Here’s a breakdown of the major characters:

Jules Cobb = Played by Courtney Cox, she’s essentially the main character. She started her own real estate business and is pretty successful. She’s 40, drinks a lot of wine, and is a little crazy. She’s my least favorite character. Sometimes Jules seems a little too like Monica from Friends in personality. (I wish Cox could distance herself a bit from her former character.)

 Ellie Torres = Played by Christa Miller (also played Jordan on Scrubs. I LOVE her!), is Jules’ best friend and next-door neighbor. She’s married to Andy Torres, and they have a infant son named Stan. Ellie doesn’t work, is mean and snarky, and also loves wine. She also hates that Jules is trying to get out and be young again, and she hates Jules other BFF Laurie. Ellie’s probably my favorite character. I love snark.

Laurie Keller = Played by Busy Philipps, Laurie is Jules’ other best friend. She’s in her 20’s and works as Jules’ assistant at her real estate office. She’s fun, loud, and kind of skanky but she’s also really sweet and hilarious. She pushes Jules to get back out into the world. She ties Ellie for my favorite character, I just love them both. Plus, you can follow Laurie on Twitter as TheLarmy. Laurie tweets for 24 hours after each show. It’s great.

Andy Torres = Played by Ian Gomez, he is Ellie’s husband. He has a good job that supports his family, and he’s totally submissive to Ellie but it doesn’t come off as too weird. He’s a little too comfortable with his sexuality, and he has a total bromance going on with Bobby.

Bobby Cobb = Played by Brian Van Holt, he’s Jules’ redneck ex-husband. He’s VERY white trash but also really happy-go-lucky and funny. He’s really good at golfing and attempts to be a pro. Him and Jules have a good relationship, even though he spent most of their marriage cheating on her. I don’t really understand that, but whatever. It works.

Greyson Ellis = Played by Josh Hopkins, he lives across the street from Jules. He’s recently divorced, and constantly bringing younger girls home with him. It infuriates Jules cause they’re about the same age, and it bothers her that it’s easier for 40-year old men to be single. He’s very snarky and kind of closed off, but is slowly drawn into Jules’ little circle of friends. He plays guitar and makes up silly songs.

Travis Cobb = Played by Dan Byrd, he is Jules & Bobby’s 18-year old son. He’s kind of sarcastic and smart and nerdy. He’s pretty funny, but I wouldn’t consider him one of the big-time members of the show except that he causes a lot of drama for Jules.

 So that’s the main crew. I recently had The Honeyman watch the whole season with me, and he admits that he liked it. It seems like a totally girly show! But there are a TON of laugh-out-loud moments. The show comes out Wednesday nights at 9:30 (Eastern time) and I love getting a big glass of wine (or an amaretto sour if I’m out of wine) and curling up on the couch to watch this show. I look forward to it every week.

 I mentioned before that the title isn’t really suitable anymore. She creators of the show, namely Bill Lawrence, almost changed the title of the show because it wasn’t really what the plot was about anymore. However, the title stayed because they couldn’t think of a better one. And probably because they didn’t want to risk losing any fans who already watched the show and might have been confused by a name-change.

Present from my honeyman for my birthday. Cause he loves me 🙂 Also an amaretto sour, cause they’re delicious.

Instead, in the 2nd season they kind of started making fun of the title. In the opening sequence, instead of “Welcome to” being written above the title Cougar Town, they started putting other things there like “Badly Titled” Cougar Town or “It’s Okay to Watch a Show Called” Cougar Town. Cracks me up every week.

Anyways, this show is just great. The cast is really fun. They of course live the typical well-off lifestyle in sunny Florida, but they’re still relatable. They makes jokes, pull pranks, and generally screw around but you can also feel the love between the characters.
If possible, I may do a follow up to this post later. I’m going to try to get my wonderful Honeyman to write something about it, so I can give ya’ll a man’s perspective. We’ll see.
In the meantime, go rent this. Get it from Netflix, or Blockbuster, or whatever. Hell, just go buy it. I really don’t think that you’ll regret it.

A new blog about movies, tv, and music

Hey, welcome there to Sarah Says Watch It. Basically I love blogging about books so much, I decided to come over here to wordpress and try out a whole new blog, in which I post about movies, tv shows, and occasionally music. Bear with me while I learn how to use wordpress… it seems complicated. But I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it.

Coming hopefully later tonight… a review of Cougar Town: Season One, which I am re-watching for the 3rd time now.

Also, I’m thinking of doing a weekly meme here on Wednesdays or Thursdays… more to come later.