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Glee, season 1 – it’s worth watching

So, I just watched season one of Glee for the second time. (I haven’t seen any of season two yet, I’m waiting for the DVDs.) And yes, while I won’t say that I’m a “Gleek”, I like it.

I bought Glee shortly after Christmas cause it was only $15 at Target and I knew a lot of people liked it. So what the hell. For those of you unfamiliar with Glee, it’s about a high school glee club whose very existence is constantly threatened.

I suppose it’s a lot more than that. Will Schuester is the Spanish teacher, and he takes over glee club because he used to love performing when he was younger. He wants to make glee club great again. He makes an immediate enemy in the form of Sue Sylvester, the coach of the national cheerleading champions; the Cheerios (LOVE that name). She’s pissed all the time, but mainly at glee club for cutting into her cheerleading budget. Sue sets out to destroy glee club, and the principal tells Will that if he can put together a glee club that takes home the regional championship, then glee club is there to stay.

The glee club is made up of a bunch of misfits, trying to fit in. Unfortunately, being in glee club only makes them less popular, but they find that they love to sing and dance, and that they are friends. Before I get into more than that, let’s meet the cast:

Finn, Quinn, Puck, Mercedes, Sue & Will, Artie, Tina, Kurt, and Rachel.

Will is the glee club director, Spanish teacher, and married to a crazy woman named Terri.

Sue is the Cheerios coach, who will stop at nothing to win. She’s kind of insane.

Emma is the germaphobic high school guidance counselor. She dresses kind of fun and prim, and she’s in love with Will. They’re very flirty.

Rachel is the annoying girl who dreams of being a star. She’s the obvious female lead and acts like it. She has two gay dads, and she’s Jewish.

Finn is the first jock to join the group, and the male lead. He’s the quarterback of the football team, and dates the head cheerleader, Quinn.

Quinn is the Cheerios head cheerleader who only joins glee club as Sue’s spy, and to spend more time with her boyfriend, Finn.

Puck is Finn’s best friend, a fellow football player, and known as the school badass. Mainly because he has a mohawk. He’s also the only other Jewish person in glee club.

Mercedes is the only black person in glee club. She’s also the only fat one (which sounds really harsh, but… sorry). She’s really strong and sassy and has a great voice.

Kurt is the only gay member of glee club. He likes fancy clothes, and easily sides with the female glee members. He’s also secretly in love with one of the football players.

Tina is a goth Asian girl, who is intensely shy. Glee helps her come out of her shell a bit.

Artie is the only glee member in a wheelchair. He has a cool, funky voice.

Mike is another football player, the only other Asian of the group, and loves to dance. Other than that, not really known for his singing.

Santana is the only Latina glee member, and a particularly skanky Cheerio. She’s mean, and she joins glee with Quinn to help spy.

Brittney is a very ditzy Cheerio, and joined with Quinn and Santana. Her dumbness is really funny, she’s openly skanky, and she’s a good dancer.

There’s also one other guy in the group, but for the life of me I have no idea what his name is, and I can’t even find it online. I think he maybe has two whole lines in all of season one. He looks likes he’s bi-racial, he’s a football player, and he joined the glee club with Mike. I feel really bad for this kid, since he’s really just a body so that glee club has 12 members.

So, why do I like Glee? Well, for a bunch of reasons. It’s really not about the music for me. In a roughly 45-minute show, there are usually 3 to 5 songs done and I just fast forward through at least half of them. Some really fun songs are performed, like “Gold Digger” by Kanye West, “Single Ladies” by Beyonce, or “Smile” by Lily Allen. But there are a whole bunch of songs that are okay, but get boring to watch. I’m not a huge fan of ballads. I know the music is supposed to be why the show is so uber-popular, but it’s only a tiny part of it for me. Also, I know that Rachel is supposed to have the best female voice, but I’m not her biggest fan. I actually like Quinn’s voice better.

I like Glee because I like most of the storylines in it. And I like most of the characters. I love the flirtation between Will and Emma  – even though she’s not a huge main character, I don’t know if I would watch the show if Emma wasn’t on it. The drama between Will and his wife Terri is infuriating, but fun. There are a couple relationships among the students that I kind of root for. I guess I like the storylines revolving around each character. I cannot think of an issue that this season alone doesn’t tackle. It touches on teen pregnancy, being gay, being in a wheelchair, mental illnesses, weight issues, speech impediments, relationships, lying, cheating, discrimination, parents, weed, confidence issues… I can only imagine what’s going to come up in season two.

Anyways, it’s a good show. I think it’s worth watching. The characters’ outfits and the various songs make it feel a little whimsical. Sometimes I think that the high school drama is a little overdone. I don’t think the nerds really get thrown in dumpsters by the jocks anymore. And I don’t remember anyone having an overwhelming desire to be  SO popular when I was in high school. That all actually sounds more middle school to me. But I do think that the show captures teenage feelings pretty well – the drama and indecision among high school friends and romances, and dealing with trying to fit in while still being you. And there are odd moments here and there that have me laughing. I guess if a show can make you laugh and cry all in one season, it’s doing pretty good.

I have very high hopes for season two. I can’t wait to watch it – sadly there’s no release date yet for the DVD set. And I could probably find it on hulu or something to watch, but I like watching it at work when it’s slow, so I’ll wait.

So, give Glee a chance. It’s worth it.